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Detail enhanced with HDR: 4K depth of detail with high dynamic range lets you see tints that reveal more detail than HDTV can offer

Samsung 4K Uhd 7 Series Ultra Hd Smart Tv

Product dimensions: W / stand: 66.3 "w x 14" D x 41.6 "h / w / o stand: 66.3 "w x 2.4" D x 38 " H
4K UHD processor: the powerful 4K UHD processor optimizes the performance of your TV by scaling every show, season and scene with 4K image quality
Purcolor reveals color spectra: millions of shades reveal a vivid, realistic picture that traditional HDTV can't create
Smart TV features: simple screen Universal Guide to finding streaming content and live TV shows, smart speaker extensibility with OneRemote, Alexa and Google Now compatibility to control all compatible devices, and more
Sleek, slim design: modern and polished stylish design naturally fills the contours of your space with an elegant design


Like everything else, new models are emerging all the time. So I guess everything is 4K now? It's a new thing, so I was thinking of getting one one day. Well, the LG 55 I had was amazing when I picked it up in 2013, but my newborn grew up and there was something about smacking the TV, so I guess what happened with it. I did a lot of research on the new TVs, which are now 4K, so I found this a few days later. Have you wanted at least one 4K Smart tv and got all sorts out there? But for some reason I didn't even think about Amazon, but after seeing and reading all the reviews, I chose this 65in. It has all the Netflix Prime n Hulu buttons on the remote, which is great because I have them all. So far there's only 1 movie in 4K, which looked great, but I imagine IDK is better, because of course there's 65 in Samsung 4K for$ 700, it's been a big deal for me. The Tv has everything and can tune into my cable company, so I don't need the other remote, these TVs can have it all with this remote, so goodbye to needing a remote for the TV n DVR box. I've been going through this for a month and I'm very happy. A really nice feature is that when you have a TV, of course it comes with a remote so you know you have that remote and then you have another remote and a cable like that. Well, my cable is a spectrum, and it lets you not even need a spectrum remote, because it allows you to use only one remote control. He is then the older cousin who wants to be away from using one. I then get a sound bar and imagine I could find this app for the sound bar, so I might not even need this remote control?? I bought this TV and the 4K picture is incredibly happy that I am. Of course, there are better ones too, but there are those who want to pay thousands of dollars when you can buy it and it works well. Very happy

A few months ago, I was disappointed to have missed out on an offer for another TV brand with great reviews, but perseverance paid off. I continued to investigate and found this Samsung TV. I did due diligence while researching this model and even called Samsung with questions before embarking on this purchase. I have to say... I have no complaints. It has a beautiful picture with many features, plus it was easy to set up to start the TV hour without boxing. I've read the comments about flimsy stands, but they're well made and solid, so they won't break, but I don't move my television from place to place. I love my new TV! Thank You, Amazon!

I have read most of the negative comments on Amazon with great interest and, I must admit, I have very few cries of pain - so I will review my experiences of major complaints one by one:

1. Annoying setup-yes, having to go to the computer to remember or reset passwords you haven't used forever slows you down, but you get it done.

2. Bloatware, yes, but just ignore it - what is beef. There's bloatware in everything, including every mobile phone - so what? To ignore it. Most" smart hubs "can be" removed"from the screen/menu area. I ignored things that couldn't be removed. I'll tell you when you record the TV - it says advertise to me check box and make sure you don't check the agree with everyone and continue check box-don't mark the ad and don't agree with everyone click Continue. He records a lot of "things" coming to television.

3. Complaints about the loss of network connectivity-not for me, the wireless NETGEAR Nighthawk R5 router with 7000ghz wifi in the next room. Rock solid, even before it was reported, there was a firmware update I made. It was still rock solid after the update. As a retired computer teacher, I'll guess many have router signal strength issues - I have an old house built in the 70s without insulation on any internal walls, and there's nothing metal between the router and the guest bedroom where this TV is. For those who have trouble, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender (the same brand as your router) for your router, put it in a room with a TV and see if there are any improvements. If you don't return it to where you bought it and tell them-there's no recovery.

3. Losing connectivity every day-not for me-either my game quality router might be doing a better job than others, or the Samsung firmware update fixed that. I'll guess that others have routers that don't reliably give a consistent IP address (called DHCP) to the TV I once appeared on, until I log in to my router and put the previous IP address in the reserved section. I think the best action is not to let the router distribute the IP address to the TV, but to fix a specific IP address for the TV. Playing Russian roulette with IP addresses is not good for consistent network connectivity. If what I just said is geek / greek, call your router manufacturer or internet provider or possibly Samsung to ask for help setting up a "fixed address" or "reserved address" for your TV. Or get a computer guy/girlfriend to help.

4. Complaints on Tvplus channels are slow - yes, but for me it's no slower than browsing the web on one of my PCs - with just a 30Mbit download link - and going to a highly graphic web page like the Disney website. I don't have much to watch anyway. I've already removed about 2 / 3rd of the 60 stations I'll never watch.

5. The motion / delay complaints-I didn't see that, a 4K video from Netflix, Amazon Plus, even Prime-all moved fast and there was no problem; however, I'm not a player - I don't have a sense of what the video will do in games. If you're a hard - core player - you'll probably be better off with a QLED model (which I own and love-a few steps above this TV and of course about $1500 more).

6. No Bluetooth keyboard-no problem for me-plugged into a Logitech K400 receiver on the USB port (not marked for HDD/SDD) and with the built-in flat mouse pad, my keyboard worked great. I have no complaints.

7. I don't get complaints about the sound quality - I have moderate to severe hearing loss and hearing my devices without any audio, tile floors, 10 ft x 12 ft in the guest bedroom "optimize" and very little on the walls - great sound and was very clear. In a large family room with plush carpets and lots of plush furniture - I'm guessing you might not be able to power a large room - carpet and furniture will absorb a lot of noise.

8. Complaints about old-style RCA jacks-no, I think they do-but they're sort of secret. There are 5 RCA-style jacks marked - 3 video components r/B/G, one half yellow/half green at the end - which is used for video (audio R/L - Red/White) - audio that you Yesil use on the left for the VHS tape player. It looks like you can plug in a way for component input and a way for old - style RCA, but not both-one or the other. You don't have a VHS player to Test, but it seems to work. Maybe another reviewer can test this and comment here or post a review.

9. Poor image quality-for me it was just the standard on - Air-old TV channels-lacked "quality," but everything in HD stood out. The Qled is not as good as 55", but I'm excited about the quality for $ 1500 less.

10. No Bluetooth for sound bar / headset. Yes, but you wouldn't want that - put Bluetooth on the high-end Samsung QLED and the talking heads for the news or any sound, no matter how you set it, was far from sound. It is better to connect to the optical audio output to avoid performance problems. Yes, this low-quality audio will cost a bit more than Bluetooth materials.

11. The terrible Handbook (and the Website is not much better) - absolutely right - from old VHS to optical audio devices, keyboards, etc.there are no detailed diagrams and examples of how to connect various things. I was tempted to get a star for it, but decided that a good manual and lack of instructions did not affect the performance of my set. A list of" compatible " devices or more details would be great. Are you listening to Samsung?

The bottom line for me-great value, great picture, great sound and a great addition to the guest bedroom. This is 4 for our family. or 5. Samsung TV, extended family over the last 20 years-that's very good for our needs.

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